4 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While On Spring Break


Heading out of town for spring break? Here are 4 tips to keep your home safe while you’re gone!

  1. Don’t announce your vacation on social media. This is SO important. Even if you limit your account to friends only, you don’t know the privacy settings of all of your friends. It just takes one person who has your home address and travel schedule to make you a victim of home theft.
  2. Close your blinds while you are away and set timers to randomly turn on lights throughout the house. This will hopefully trick thieves into thinking you returned early or never left.
  3. Ask a neighbor to pick up your mail and any packages that may be delivered. Burglars often target houses with mail and packages piled up.
  4. If your home is targeted burglars are most likely looking for big ticket items in a parents bedroom. Protect your valuables by moving them into rooms they might overlook like your kids’ room vs your room.

After you’ve prepared your house for spring break- enjoy your vacation!