14 Low Cost/High-Value Updates to Prepare to Sell Your Home


Here are 14 low cost / high impact things to focus on when preparing your home for sale that are sure increase the value!

I call these things the “wow” factor. My experience is that when a buyer is walking through your home and notices these things they will say “wow that’s nice” or “wow I like that…”. Keep in mind you do not need a $50,000 Kitchen remodel to get the “wow” factor. Here are several low cost / high impact things you can do to get some “wows” and increase the value of your home to a buyer.

  1. Your potential buyers will see the outside of your home first. Consider adding some landscaping. Add some color with new flowers; make flower beds look clean by adding some mulch. Keep your lawn and shrubs trimmed.
  2. Seal coat the driveway to make it look pristine. It gives a nice clean look.
  3. Make sure your address is clean and visible from the street. Consider buying new house numbers if needed.
  4. Your buyers will stand and wait at the front door while their realtor unlocks it. This is the first impression for many of them,  so give the front door a fresh coat of paint or even replace it with a new one.
  5. If it’s dark out, you want the walkway to your front door well lit. Consider buying new light fixtures for the outside of your home, or give the ones already there a good cleaning.
  6. Replace any old, dirty or ripped screens on your windows. Make sure your windows open easily and don’t stick.
  7. Declutter! Start packing away anything your family doesn’t use. Consider replacing family portraits with artwork on the walls. Each room should have a focal point.
  8. Paint-choose neutral colors that will appeal to many different tastes. Consider off-white, beige or something light. Dark colors will make your rooms look smaller.
  9. Update / replace your kitchen and bathroom hardware. Also, updating / replacing door handles and hinges throughout (especially if they are brass).
  10. Stain or paint your kitchen cabinets if they are looking worn and out of date and replacing them is not in your budget.
  11. Replacing and upgrading the faucets and shower heads can give it a new look. Make sure to match the style throughout the home.
  12. Replace old and worn out carpet and refinish beat up hardwood floors. If replacing carpet isn’t in the budget, rent a professional grade cleaner and give the carpets a good scrub. Or have your hardwood floors sanded or buffed.
  13. Replace dated outlet switches and outlets throughout the home with new white ones so they all match. Also, replace or paint old vent covers.
  14. Replace the light bulbs in your home with higher wattage bulbs to makes your home look brighter.

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